Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is ME

So I guess what I should do is properly introduce myself. My name is Sarah Haigh and I live in Ontario Canada, I am 19 years old. I love makeup.. No.. Love isn't the right word.. I am so passionate about makeup that it's one of a few things that are consistently on my mind. I have dozens of facecharts that are just waiting to become real works of art. I plan on going to school one day in the future to seal the deal that I am a professional. I haven't quite got to freelance yet, currently just working on improving my skills and doing some research for my Youtube channel. I know.. Not another wanna be guru right? I get that. But that is why I am doing the research, because I don't want to be a wanna be.. I just want to create videos that are helpful and inspiring, even just for a handful of people. Check me out on twitter... Even though I tweet about everything and anything...!/SarahHaighMUA and I constantly spend way to much time on Beautylish so why not follow me on there too?

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