Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AVON & MARK Reviews

Okay so I'm going to start off by saying I DO NOT sell Avon or Mark cosmetics.. I just happen to buy some eyeshadows and bits and bobs when I see something nice.

I will start with the Avon stuff as there is only three things.

First two things are the Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-Glide Eyeliners. I have two different colours, black and black plum. I got these for about $4ea
They are SUPER soft and pigmented. I sometimes feel like they are a little bit so soft as the pencil actually breaks sometimes.. :(
They come in twist-up form.. I neither like nor dislike this.. I just dont like the way you can't sharpen them to a point..


Black Plum

Next item I wasn't completely thrilled about.. And I was really hoping it would be good..
It's the Tint-n-Go Lip and Cheek Tint. It's kind of dry and has NO pigmentation what so ever.. This was $3
Oh and I got the colour Nude.. I suppose it does have some pigmentation, just not as much as I'd like.

So now on to the MARK single eyeshadow pans. Now these are a hit or miss.. Some are amazing! And some are just... meh.. lol These go for about $7ea

First colour is LuvStruck. This is one that I was super excited about but it was lacking pigmentation.. This has some shimmer in it but not too much

The next colour is a Metallic colour called Lava. It's a beautiful dark green with flecks of gold and turquoise. The photos don't give it justice I promise!

The next shadow I tweeted about before. It's Whisper which I think is a perfect dupe for MAC Vanilla. It is one of the three matte eyeshadows that Mark has in its collection.

Next is another metallic shadow called Sugar Sugar. Nice kind of peachy tone to it, with flecks of silver and peachy pink.

Next we have a beautiful sort of chocolately brown shadow called Tiki. It has a slight shimmer but it's such a beautiful colour!

Now this one looks similar to Tiki in photo but it's actually a nice plum colour called Plum Velvet. Slight shimmer again.

Okay and last but not least is Fairy Dust. A lovely soft shimmery pink colour.

Thanks beauties! I will work on some reviews for the MakeupGEEK shadows for tomorrow or tonight. They are AMAZING!

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