Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Okay, so I am completely rubbish at this blogging thing and I am truly sorry!

I am desperately trying to figure out how to use this new editing software, find a better computer, video camera.. Oh and look for a new job.. Harder than I thought.. I'm also trying to build my makeup collection up a bit seeing as its quite lacking.. And with more makeup comes more organization... Which I am completely crap at.. Honestly I am the least tidy person, I think I need to seek help for this..

I found some awesome little baskets at a store here called JYSK, super cute affordable and trendy.. But when you live with your boyfriend in a tiny apartment, finding your own space is soooo hard! I feel like I want to move to a two bedroom apartment just so we can have a room for our interests.. half my makeup and clothes, half his crap haha!

I'm trying to stay clear of the plastic tupperware type drawers.. I feel like they are a little bit cheap looking... Just me? Meh I don't know..

Anyways guys, I am sorry.. I will try and blog some more.. I buy a lot of AVON and MARK products so if you're interested in seeing reviews on that I can certainly do that.. Keep me nice and busy.. Anyhoo, ciao beauties!

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